Gretchen Scott

Our brand embodies a place that is chic, joyous, playful and fun,” says Gretchen Scott, founder, and CEO of Gretchen Scott Designs. Our mantra is: “Laugh More, Gripe Less, Ignore Critics, Say Yes, Order Dessert, Love Life.” These words are sewn into everything we make. We imagine people smiling as they read those words while dressing

Travel influences Gretchen’s designs. She finds inspiration wherever she goes. Her designs reflect a global perspective. “India is an integral part of what I design,” says Gretchen. “Indian simplicity clarified even the most complicated design elements. Hand blocks, complex patterns, and vibrant colors define our look. India has taught me to keep my colors true and vivid.”
While Gretchen is always on the lookout for new inspiration, she also looks at the realistic needs of her customers and designs her clothes accordingly. “Clothing that packs easily, transitions from day to night, office to dinner or cocktails, carpool to the swimming pool. If we can provide that, with clean silhouettes and surprise elements – it’s a home run,” explains Gretchen.