Bel Kazan

All of BEL KAZAN products are hand made in Bali. We are focused on recycling materials and creating minimal amount of waste. Fabric scraps are donated to our team to create usable products such as baby clothes, floor mats and pillow stuffing.

Her high-end jersey not only serves as a gorgeous canvas for bold prints, BEL KAZAN’s signature fabric is also loved for its buttery feel and coveted styles. Traditional Eastern prints meet modern interpretation. From dresses to tunics to accessories, BEL KAZAN is universally flattering, elegant, comfortable, and globally conscious.

BEL KAZAN is a favorite of celebrities like Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara and Eva Longoria and has been featured in People StyleWatch, EXTRA, Good Day LA, Health Magazine and Fitness Magazine among others.

BEL KAZAN gives back to the culture and people that give it its beauty. Living wages and flexible work environments are provided so its workers flourish. Garments are sewn in open-air factories surrounded by beautiful scenery. In Balinese villages, embellishments are done by hand by local craftsmen who work out of their homes while taking care of their children.